Medo de falhar

I prefer to see a little more helplessness. I like to see authors floundering a bit because I think, frequently, you do your best work when you lose yourself, when you don’t know what to do. You say, I have to get out of this. You do something, and the something that you do always has a kind of strength, the strength that comes from desperation and then fear. I think that’s necessary in writing. Fear of failure. Fear of, you know, why did I embark in this ridiculous project in the first place? What am I doing sitting here? I’m supposed to be a grown-up person. Sitting here, spinning out these tales, that’s no way for a grown-up to live. The terror hits every writer at least once every two or three days. This seems entirely frivolous. I could be a brain surgeon.

John Banville
em entrevista no número 24 da Five Dials

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